Specialist Physician
Ephraim, youngest of four sons of immigrant parents from Lithuania, was born in July 1938. Schooling was early, starting at age 4 in an apartment in Brixton, Johannesburg, under the tutelage of an elderly and stern Miss McSweeney. Skipping grades was not uncommon in those days, and at age 6, Ephraim, being reasonably proficient in the three R’s, spent a day in grade 1, Mayfair Primary School, a few days in grade 2, before being promoted to grade 3.

Admitted to Athlone High School in 1950, Ephraim shared class with Arnold Ravdel and Ronnie Auerbach, all three accepted to Medical school of the University of Witwatersrand in 1955, and qualifying in 1960. With an interest in Internal Medicine, he was a successful candidate of the College of Physicians of South Africa in 1967.

Ephraim commenced practice as a Specialist Physician in July 1968, initially in Jeppe Street, and later at the Garden City Clinic, Johannesburg. He was for many years the visiting Consulting Internist to the Boksburg-Benoni Hospital, and for a few years was also consulting Internist to the Mines Benefit Society.

He served as Medical Consultant to Roussel Laboratories and a variety of Life Insurance companies. He was appointed Chief Medical Officer to Munich Reinsurance Company of Africa in 1975, and currently still serves as a Consultant to this Company. For a few years he was the Medical Advisor to an insurance settlement company based in New York. He is now retired from clinical practice.       
Following the large exodus from this country in 1976, Ephraim successfully sat for the ECFMG, Visa Qualifying and Federated Licensing Examinations with a view to emigration, which ultimately could not take place owing to family commitments.

The class of 60 – 40th Anniversary
Ephraim was requested to assist with organizing the class for the 40th Anniversary week, and has enclosed the photograph of his 25 classmates at the Gala evening in the year 2000.

(We are seeking confirmation on the names of those pictured.)
Back Row: Kenneth Edge?, Ray Palmer?, Colin Robertson, Ivan McCusker
Third Row: Leon Kahn, Gerald Lampert, Mike Plit?, Tony Meyers, Irving Lissoos
Second row: Stan Zail, Theo Kretzmar, Mervyn Hurwitz, Anthony Crossley, Basil Kuming, Robert Otten, Dennis Roussow?
Front row: Ephraim Dove, Naomi Livni, Jack Kussell, Lawrence Willies, Jane Otten, Gloria Davis-Meyers, Michael Nissenbaum

Family Life
Ephraim married Elaine Chaimowitz in December 1964. Elaine is a qualified teacher, and has for 40 years been involved in voluntary premarital and relationship counselling.

They have a son and daughter in Johannesburg, and a daughter in Sydney, Australia. They have eight grandchildren who can be seen in this lovely family photograph. 

Ephraim’s Interests include woodwork, the arts and classic music, as well as birding.